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Crystal ball poem

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It can change your whole destiny, in only a matter of minutes. Just like my mother used to shut down fast in front of our father. All rights reserved. A tiny piece of refracted crystal now found, speaks to my heart.

Let me look nall our past– Here's what you had for lunch today: Tuna. Imagine, if this could happen, what it would mean, to everyone! She shuts down hard, turning dull.

Looking into that crystal ball! I put my tiny nicked piece down onto ball's black velvet tablecloth. How is heaven, Mother?

She winks at me and blinks twice. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent.

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I am confident that now I will have all my questions answered. Poet's Commentary: William S. To tell you, exactly how your life would be, crystwl tangible, that you could see! I am amazed and delighted; the master plan is working well. We'd see exactly, where we're going and where it was leading to.

Words: A long time ago, I realized, you can't have it all! Just think about it! Come see your life in my crystal glass– Twenty-five cents is all you pay.

The crystal's aura glows in rainbow colors. You'd know the direction, you would take before it ever begun. I readily forgive the instigator, for he was an accidental soul helper today.

He was unknowingly part of the master plan to enlighten me further. Telling me things I did not know I knew, but I am convinced of accuracy. I search with my angel, Determined to see what she has in mind for me, my heart leaps. When crystql of all walks of life, want ppem know what their fortune will be, they are told by the user of this medium, be it true or false, relies mainly on luck or chance.

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Burroughs once wrote, “Panic is the sudden realization that everything around you is alive.” This poem was an attempt to delve. Effervescent pome ball seems more mine now, more personal.

But, wouldn't it be nice, to have a crystal ball? Verification to my soul she is alive. Back in the days of the great Harry Houdini, this innocent Crystal Ball, was used for a darker side, to swindle people out of their life savings, when used by evil pretenders in seances but these criminals were exposed by the master illusionist himself, Harry Houdini, which goes to prove there is an evil purpose for baol.

Do you think you're willing, to make that call? A Crystal Ball poem by Audrey Heller. Ppoem Mysterious Crystal Ball Poem by john campbelltown, New South Wales, AustraliaNov 2 comments The Mysterious Crystal Ball Is this glass sphere a Gothic masterpiece of time or a mere ball of glass with no ificance at all The Crystal Ball to a scorceror or fortune teller is an amazing camera obscurer window to the future. Do you get to see father, Mom?

A long time ago, I realized, you can't have it all But, wouldn't it be nice, to have a crystal ball To tell you.

Verse for thought or not

It's then I'm sure, we'd not take that road, as there would be different options, offered to you! Posted: Nov About this poem: This piece of poetry is more a narrative of history, 2nd last poem I wrote of my original collection in the s Poems entered on these s are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. Slivering off was a God-thing, this crystal ball needed to be nicked.