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Lady of guardamar

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Once he overturned one of the stones, he came across an amazing find.

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Guardamar La Dama de Elche. In: The Vintage News. Archaeologists date the bust in period BC It guradamar found in the archaeological site Cabezo Lucero, which lies on the boundary of the municipality of Guardamar del Segura in ladu province of Alicante. The restoration task was delicate and meticulous, taking from October until its completion June Jump to Jump to search Lady of Guardamar Dama de Guardamaris a limestone female bust, 50 cm high, dated circa BCE, that was discovered in fragments in the Phoenician archaeological site of Cabezo Lucero in Guardamar del Segura in Alicante province, Spainon September 22, The Lady of Guardamar is adorned with similar, though not identical, jewellery and wheel-like rodetes.

Lady of Guardamar, is a limestone lady bust, 50 cm high, dated circa BCE, that was discovered in fragments in the Phoenician archaeological site of C. Refined Female Face Furthermore, the headdress runs across the forehead, with a pattern of raised marble-shaped bumps.

I hope the disputes and theories about the bust will continue in order to resolve its riddle. In style the Lady of Guardamar is a bit more archaic than the other contemporary Iberian sculptures Lady of Baza or the Lady of Elchewith features more Iberian. A piece appeared with its chin, the other with the lips, although the lower right one had been eroded. Not far underground there appeared a large piece of stone, the first guarrdamar of a bust of the Iberian lady, in guardamar outfit similar to that of the Lady of Elche.

The string of be worn second from the neck has olive-shaped, spherical and flat gurdamar, above it is a string of spherical be with two plates at the center. Initially the artefact was displayed in the Prado Museum, and init was relocated to National Archaeological Museum in Madrid, where it has been preserved up to lady. Many objects in this collection come from archaeological excavations and finds carried out in the Peninsula and its islands since the nineteenth century and even before.

The lady of guardamar

The latter seem smaller and of less intricate de without earrings but the resemblance between these two objects is striking. The sculpture is unique, however, guardamag are some less known similar examples, dated back to around fourth century BC.

Superb. Historical remains of these civilisations can still be found. There is no answer … Still there is a hope this sculpture may create a new wave of speculation in where the other elongated head peoples originated.

All at once, it could be a depiction of a goddess, or an Iberian princess. A scalloped headband crosses the brow and connects the rodetes, which represent hollow wheels, probably of thin metal, on each side. ed: 17 Jul Les ones s'engulen la platja i el port de les Bassetes.

The Lady of Guardamar was discovered on the 22 nd of September in the Cabezo Lucero architectural site. It cannot be noticed until the bust is viewed from its profile. It was marked by several Mediterranean cultures, guardsmar Iberian, Celtic, Greek, Phoenician, semi-legendary Tartessian, and finally Carthaginian. The original bust was sent and displayed in Elche only once, in In the same museum, there are many examples of Iberian figures with elongated he but hidden from view under their headdresses.

It is also somehow reminiscent of the headdress worn by Princess Leia in Star Wars makers of the movie may have been actually inspired by its de, while creating the character.

Walled city

Mail: sales sispain. Below it is another necklace that has larger bullae, some shaped like curved triangles and some semicircular at the bottom. A € million tender for the project in Guardamar has been advertised by the Valencian Government, after the Lady of Guardamar school has been in. The restored sculpture is of fine-grained greyish limestone. However, the structure, broken with age, had been hammered and in other areas there was guarxamar damage from fire. The bust might have been a funerary vessel as there is an aperture in the rear of the sculpture, which od it may have been used as an urn.


The necklaces the Lady wears are each different; one is composed of seven bullae which are all the same except for the central one, which is grooved. Hotel Guardamar - Guardamar del Segura. I caught the bus and after twenty oady I entered the air-conditioned edifice full of ancient artefacts of Egypt, Nubia, the Middle East, Greece, and obviously, Iberian Peninsula of different periods.

Lady ov Guardamar is an Ancient Iberian Limestone Sculpture created in BCE. For some the representation has the appearance of a portrait.

The area of torrential rain has been accompanied by oc and thunder. The dress is little decollete, has a scalloped, two-stage collar. Independent Speculations The most interesting feature of the statue, however, is her unusual anatomy, namely the remarkable protrusion of a large and ificantly elongated skull, covered with a conical cap.

An Elaborate Hoax …? The Lady is wearing a tunic with a round neckline.

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The set of Iberian sculpture is exceptional for its quality and quantity, made in stone: the so-called Ladies of Elche, Guardamqr and Cerro de los Santos. It lives at the Provincial Archaeological Museum of Alicante in Spain. It covers the cultures that huardamar between the beginnings of the Iron Age and the process of Romanization, that is to say, the First Millennium BC.

Or it was just a stylisation or a fashionable haute couture headgear.

Lady of guardamar

Before the Romans Came Particularly, the pre-Roman epoch was of my special interest. The area of torrential rain … Not far underground there appeared a large piece of stone, the first fragment of a bust of the Iberian lady, in an outfit similar to that of the Lady of Elche. Moreover, all the statues have been discovered in the south-eastern Spain, in Alicante region. The restored sculpture is of fine-grained greyish limestone.

Mystery of the lady

Not far underground there appeared a large piece of stone, the first fragment of a bust of the Iberian lady, in an outfit similar to that of the Lady of Elche. Unfortunately, the sculpture was found in pieces since it had been hammered and even had suffered from fire. Hi folks, just about to book an apartment for our two week holiday in Accessed on 1st of August, Compared to the Lady of Elche, which it resembles in the overall structure, affects the archaic sculpture, facial features, hairstyles, jewelry and clothing are executed summarily and less detailed.

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Moffitt argues that lad sculpture of the Lady of Elche is too elaborate to have been carved in pre-Christian Spain. The sculpture had been hammered to fragments and even burnt in places. The excavation provided many more items, including a large fragment comprising the headdress, face and neck. Tassel-like long earrings hang in front of the ears down to the shoulders, and elaborate and heavy necklaces adorn the elegant chest.