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List of states in japan

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Find List of States in Japan with Latitude and Lit and lisy places in Japan. The Tokyo Metropolis is made up of 23 Special Wards, home to upwards of 35 million people. The Classical Chinese character from which this is derived carries a rural or provincial connotation, and an analogous character is used to refer to the counties of Chinacounties of Taiwan and districts of Vietnam. Some of these restrictions were removed again over the decades.

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Those regions are not formally specified, they do not have elected officials, nor are they corporate bodies. Complete information about Japan like capital, currency,lat long, flag.

But, as part of the "reverse course" of the s some jxpan these new rights were removed, the most obvious measure being the denial of directly elected mayors. The reorganization's aim was to consolidate the administration of the area around the capital by eliminating the extra level of authority in Tokyo.

Infive complete districts with their 82 towns and villages were merged into Tokyo City and organized in 20 new wards. This was also a historical usage of the character in China.

They now exist primarily to handle paperwork and other bureaucratic functions. The yet unincorporated communities on the Izu ly part of Shizuoka and Ogasawara ly directly Home Ministry-administrated island groups became also part of Tokyo i the 19th century. This process would reduce the of subprefecture administrative regions and cut administrative costs. O1.

But it was not until the staates that the special wards were fully recognized as municipal-level entities. Kanagawa is the city with the second largest population in Japan.

Japan (JP) - State/Province Table. InPrime Japann Junichiro Koizumi proposed that the government consolidate the current prefectures into about 10 regional states so-called doshusei.

Independently from these steps, as Tokyo's urban growth again took up pace during the postwar economic miracle and most of the main island part of Tokyo "Metropolis" became increasingly core part of the Tokyo metropolitan areamany of the other municipalities in Tokyo have transferred some of their authority to the Metropolitan government. The capital city Tokyo, needless to say, is the hub of Japan.

When the modern municipalities — [district-independent] cities and [rural] districts containing towns and villages — were introduced under the Yamagata - Mosse laws on local government and the simultaneous Great Meiji merger was performed jpanthe 15 -ku became wards oof Tokyo Cityinitially Tokyo's only independent city -shithe six rural districts of Tokyo were consolidated in 85 towns and villages. The following table lists the valid state/​province codes that you can use for Japan (= JP): State/​Province.

Inthe department was dissolved, and Hokkaido became a full-fledged prefecture.

10 major cities in japan: which one should top your bucket list?

This term was originally used to refer to Japanese regions consisting of several provinces e. Its current name is believed to originate from Matsuura Takeshiroan early Japanese explorer of the island. The city is the site of the famous Sapporo Snow Festivalan statess held each February showcasing an array of marvelous ice and snow sculptures that is visited by about 2 million people each year!

Despite the differences in terminology, there is little functional difference between the four types of local governments.

Japan (jp) - state/province table

Tokyo also is the center of otaku culture in Akihabara with a plethora staes gamesanimeand electronics shops; while the Harajuku and Shibuya districts are known worldwide for their contributions to fashion and kawaii cute culture. After the war, Japan was forced to decentralize Tokyo again, following the general terms of democratization outlined in the Potsdam Declaration.

The central government delegates many functions such as education and the police force to the prefectures and municipalitiesbut retains the overall right to control them. All other cities, towns and villages in Tokyo stayed cities, towns and villages in Tokyo.

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(See also city; urban. Its original sense in Portuguese, however, was closer to " municipality " than " province ". The Local Autonomy Law of gave more political power to prefectures, and installed prefectural governors and parliaments. Administratively, today's special wards are almost indistinguishable from other municipalities.

As Tokyo city's suburbs grew rapidly in the early 20th century, many towns and villages in Tokyo were merged or promoted over the years. The central government wanted to have greater control over all local governments due to Japan's deteriorating position in World War II — for example, all mayors in the country became appointive as in the Meiji era — and over Tokyo in particular, due to the possibility of emergency in the metropolis.

Before World War II, different laws applied to fu and ken, but this distinction was abolished after the war, and the two types of prefecture are now functionally the same.

For example, the Kanto region, which includes Tokyo, and the Kansai region, which includes Osaka, offer striking contrasts in everything from the taste of food to the style of traditional performing arts, and people have fun comparing them. Those fiefs were headed by a local warlord or stxtes.

Though the fiefs have long since been dismantled, merged, and reorganized multiple times, and been granted legislative governance and oversight, the rough translation stuck. Other major cities fulfill roles as the political, economic, and cultural hubs of their respective regions. Athletic types can visit the Sapporo Winter Sports Museumwhich showcases the legacy of the Winter Olympics, or they can hit the slopes, skiing or snowboarding in one of the ski resorts near Sapporo.

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The prefecture's government calls itself the "Hokkaido Government" rather than the "Hokkaido Prefectural Government". Japan has a population of million. This is a list of selected cities, towns, and other populated places in Japan, ordered alphabetically by prefecture. The postwar reforms also changed the map of Tokyo ificantly: Inthe 35 wards were reorganized into the 23 special wards im, because many of its citizens had either died during the war, left the city, or been drafted and did not return.